Humanistic Management Center

About Us

Our Organisation

The Humanistic Management Center is a non-profit limited company striving to excel in our aspiration of being a think and action tank with an entrepreneurial spirit.

To this end we bridge three work streams to make impact in the corporate responsibility and business ethics arena. Aligned to our mission, vision, and impact model, our work streams are Knowledge Generation, Knowledge Dissemination, and Knowledge Application.

  • Knowledge generation is where we develop thought leadership. The Humanistic Management Center is building on a comprehensive research agenda that is centered on providing the intellectual ammunition to nourish the paradigm shift towards a humanistic economic model.
  • Knowledge dissemination is where we translate knowledge into learning content and teaching offers. Based on our thought leadership the Humanistic Management Center develops teaching materials and course offers for both university teaching and executive education.
  • Knowledge application is where we support implementation efforts. The Humanistic Management Center supports change makers by offering services in the areas of advisory, consulting and executive coaching to management practitioners and policy makers.

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