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The Knowledge Center is where we present the outputs of our thought leadership work.

The Knowledge Center is organized by different types of documents and formats addressing a variety of occasions and audiences. In our Knowledge Center you can find books we have edited or authored or books to which we have contributed. You will also find our research paper series as well as articles that are more journalistic in character and have consequently been published in media channels outside of strictly scholarly outlets. In addition we are making available a series of corporate sustainability assessments as well as presentational materials that have been used by us in events such as conferences, lectures, practitioner gatherings or executive education programs.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions, critique or praise for any of the works you find in our Knowledge Center.

Knowledge Center


The books section in our Knowledge Center is the space where we show the books that are being edited in the Humanism in Business Series at our publishers Palgrave Macmillan. Under the supervision of our sister organization, the Humanistic Management Network, this book series provides a platform on which we can collaborate with the wider research community and present cutting edge scholarly works on a more humanistic economy in printed volumes. In addition we occasionally display books in this section that are not part of the series but to which we have made contributions. ... more

Knowledge Center

Research Papers

In this section of our website the Humanistic Management Center presents its research paper series. Some of the papers have been published in top rated academic journals and others are still in a working paper stage but all of them present our thinking on humanistic management and varying aspects of a live-conducive market economy.

Please check back to see our research paper series evolve and contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to further discuss any specific issues raised in our work. ... more

Knowledge Center

Corporate Sustainability Assessments

Humanistic management posits the need for a values-driven ethical framework for enterprises. The sustainability paradigm represents such a framework and is widely accepted in business. By assessing their sustainability performance we contribute to transparency and public knowledge on the efforts undertaken by individual firms.

Assessing self-reported performance claims companies make in their sustainability reports enables us to evaluate their integrity. Reviewing actual performance in context with stakeholder requirements and expectations allows for establishing the ethical gravity of a company. In addition the comparison of companies within the same industry can help identify best practices in making future-oriented contributions. ... more

Knowledge Center

Journalistic and Miscellaneous

Whilst our thought leadership is focused on scholarly work we are always more than happy for opportunities that arise to write texts that are more journalistic in nature and that address a wider audience than the heavily structured academic writings that are often based on a narrowly defined research question. In addition we are providing texts here that do not fit into the other categories of our Knowledge Center such as blog entries, short contributions to websites or corporate publications. ... more

Knowledge Center


In this section of our website you can find presentational materials which we have developed to translate our research findings and thought leadership work in support of lectures, workshops, speeches or panel contributions. Here in our Knowledge Center you can find presentational materials that outline conceptual questions on humanistic management; that deliver proof of concept through examples; or that provide the story line for teaching engagements. We will continue to add presentations here to make our work available for download at your convenience. ... more

Knowledge Center

Current Research Projects

The Humanistic Management Center is in the fortunate position of having a full project pipeline covering some of the most exciting and also decisive questions that we need to address as a global community today. The fundamental insight that business as usual is no longer an option we have to organize and carry out global economic activities is fast turning into common knowledge. Developing options on how we can rethink, redefine and reenact the role of private sector activities in society is a main aim of our research. Doing so without putting at risk the tremendous successes that market based economic activity can produce is the main challenge we face. ... more


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