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About Humanistic Management

This section of our website presents our thinking on what humanistic management means and consists of.

We have divided these web pages into three parts: First, we take a bird’s eye view and look at systemic challenges to the status quo of the global economy based on the insight, that business as usual is no longer an option to run our deeply interconnected and interdependent global economy. Second, we suggest an alternative way to look at managerial tasks, beyond strongly input – output oriented views that almost inevitably lead to an instrumental understanding of human beings in economic processes. Third, this section is providing some arguments in support of our work insofar as business organizations that are rethinking their role in society and act on resultant insights have much to gain.

Occasionally we will update these texts as our thinking evolves and are welcoming any feedback you may have regarding its tenets and the positions expressed therein.

About Humanistic Management

Challenges to the status quo of the Global Economy

Our point of departure is a clear acknowledgement of the tremendous progress that variations of market economies have brought about in many societies. The wealth and prosperity enjoyed in the rich parts of the world today are unprecedented and give us reason to embrace those factors that have led to the emancipation from existential hardship and a substantial increase in personal and collective freedoms in those societies. ... more

About Humanistic Management

The Three Stepped Approach to Humanistic Management

The Humanistic Management Center advocates a paradigm shift away from economistic views on market activities towards a humanistic approach. To move from criticism of the status quo towards a fruitful discourse on alternatives we have developed a three stepped approach offering guidance and an anchor for reflection on managerial decisions as well as decision making processes. We understand humanistic management on the basis of three interrelated dimensions. ... more

About Humanistic Management

Why Humanistic Management is the Way forward

The fundamental reason why humanistic management is beneficial to all stakeholders is that it has a profoundly liberating effect on a company and, consequently, on all - internal as well as external - stakeholders. ... more


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