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The learning offer of the Humanistic Management Center consists of executive education as well as university teaching. In addition we host a faculty network of scholars from around the world, specialized in economic and business ethics, CSR and innovative ways of teaching core curriculum subjects.

The learning and educational offers of the Humanistic Management Center are aiming to support current and future managers in integrating ethical considerations into managerial decision making. Doing so successfully depends on having a moral compass that provides orientation and guidance, when facing ethical dilemmas in management practice. Our offers help to calibrate this moral compass by providing targeted educational offers for executive audiences as well as engaging in university based teaching activities. In support of our global capacity to deliver our learning and education offers we also host an faculty network of distinguished scholars.


Executive Education

The executive education offers of the Humanistic Management Center aim to provide and calibrate a moral compass on the executive floor. Our aim is to empower managers to better address the challenges we face as a global community from within their core business activities. ... more


University Teaching

Our university teaching offers include a range of courses that are designed to create a shared learning environment for participants at both undergraduate as well as graduate level. You can find a selection of our taught courses below. ... more


Faculty Network

The Humanistic Management Center has built and continues to expand a specialized faculty network. Through this global network we provide you with the opportunity to reach out to scholars in economic and business ethics and related fields that are equally knowledgeable and passionate. ... more


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