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This section is split into a review of select past events as well as upcoming events we are either organizing ourselves or where we have actively participated within the event with contributions such as presenting research papers, organizing and moderating of panel discussions or the conducting of sessions within conferences.


Upcoming Events

We are continuously engaging in knowledge dissemination and in addition to our executive education and university teaching activities we are organizing and participating in events that are aligned to our mission and vision. In this section we announce future events we have planned or will participate in and provide information on the event as well as options for you to participate. Please take a look at our future events section to find out. ... more


Past Events

One of the cornerstones of our engagement is to nourish the active exchange between practitioners, policy makers and academia. To this end we function as contributors, facilitators and organizers of events where we aim to share and discuss our thought leadership in the public domain. You can find a wide range of events such as academic conferences, practitioner gatherings, guest lecturing or student conferences and career events. Please take a look at our past events section to find out. ... more


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