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About Us

Our History

We are currently experiencing a world where the human being and its fundamental needs are increasingly broken down into material necessities. The 'economization' of everyday life is supplanting humanistic ideals. These ideals, however, have been the foundation of free and democratic societies all around the world, focusing on human nature and its potential in a holistic way.

As scholars, teachers and advisors, but also as community members we continue to share a strong discontent with a world where we are increasingly led to believe that viewing each and every dimension of human life through the technocratic eyes of economic rationality ought to be the end game of our aspirations.

The mixture of rational insight on one hand and, on the other, a strong passion to translate research results into constructive input for practitioners have made the last years equally challenging and rewarding for us. Starting with the foundation of the Humanistic Management Network, established as an association under Swiss law in 2007, we were able to gain recognition and received goodwill and support far beyond the expected.

Our resultant efforts to further institutionalize humanistic management led us to set up the Humanistic Management Center as a nonprofit social enterprise that operates out of Berlin, Germany, in 2011. It is designed to complement the work of the Humanistic Management Network which defines itself as an open and collaborative platform aiming to facilitate broad based progress towards a humanistic economic paradigm. The Humanistic Management Network also continues to edit the Humanism in Business book series at our publishers Palgrave Macmillan.

The Humanistic Management Center is focused on knowledge creation as a thought leader on humanistic management and an agenda setter for the shift towards a humanistic business paradigm, which we think of as both, requisite and imminent in business activities around the globe. In chorus the Humanistic Management Center develops higher education offers for university teaching and executive education and provides service offers to management practitioners as well as policy makers.

Most certainly this is the place to thank all the people that have supported us thus far! With both material and immaterial support, volunteering, donating, advising us, or just saying a kind word at a chance meeting. All of you are tremendously motivating to us because all of you tell us unambiguously that we are onto something worth pursuing with our head, heart and hands.

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