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Wolfgang Amann

If you would like to get in touch with Wolfgang Amann, please send an email to

Professor Dr. Wolfgang Amann

  • HEC Paris, Qatar

Teaching topics
  • Sound strategy, governance, and leadership
  • Complexity management
  • Modern humanistic and sustainable management

Wolfgang Amann is able to teach in following Languages
English, German, French

Main Research Interests
  • Next generation executive education (practical wisdom, learning and leadership versatility, resilience)
  • A complexity view on humanism, strategy, governance, and leadership
  • International differences in understanding and practicing a more humanistic management

Wolfgang Amann in 50 Words

Wolfgang is passionately committed to advancing management and leadership education as well as the related institutions, such as universities, business schools, academies, or corporate universities. High impact learning journeys can prepare course participants for the challenges ahead.

Available for Travel
Wolfgang Amann is available for travel


Fostering learning versatility in business schools (2021).

Rethinking competitiveness for the real estate industry (2021).

Building a leadership pipeline for deans in business schools (2021).

Higher education management: Leading with ethics and transparency (2020).

Artificial intelligence and its impact on business (2020).

Understanding Islamic business (2020).

Doing business in Qatar - case studies for executive education from across industries (2020).

Management and business education in the time of AI (2019).

Advancing African Management Knowledge and Education (2019).

Mastering anti-corruption - The practitioners' view (2019).

Anti-corruption in management research and business school classrooms (2019).

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Dr. Ernst von Kimakowitz

Dr. Ernst von Kimakowitz

Humanistic Management Center, Director
  • Teaching topics: The makings of humanistic management; Managing stakeholder relations and dialog; The evolution of development thinking
  • Able to teach in English, German, Spanglish
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Professor Dr. Claus Dierksmeier

Professor Dr. Claus Dierksmeier

Global Ethic Institute, University of Tübingen, Director
  • Teaching topics: CSR & CC - Philosophical Foundations; Business Ethics; Economic Ethics; Globalization Ethics
  • Able to teach in English, German
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Professor Dr. Wolfgang Amann

Professor Dr. Wolfgang Amann

HEC Paris, Qatar
  • Teaching topics: Sound strategy, governance, and leadership; Complexity management; Modern humanistic and sustainable management
  • Able to teach in English, German, French
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Professor Dr. Carlos Largacha-Martinez

Professor Dr. Carlos Largacha-Martinez

Humanistic Management Center Representative, Bogotá, Colombia
  • Teaching topics: Humanistic Management; Authentic Leadership Development; Strategic Thinking
  • Able to teach in Spanish, English
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Dr. Ulla Heinonen

Dr. Ulla Heinonen

Sued Management, CEO
  • Teaching topics: Building trust and the sense of community in organizations, Leading in modern organizations
  • Able to teach in English and Finnish
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Dr. Raban Daniel Fuhrmann

Dr. Raban Daniel Fuhrmann

R+D Cluster Procedere, Speaker
  • Teaching topics: Multi-Stakeholder Governance; Organizational Development; Intercultural Knowledge Transfer
  • Able to teach in English, German, Spanish
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