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Carlos Largacha-Martinez

If you would like to get in touch with Carlos Largacha-Martinez, please send an email to

Professor Dr. Carlos Largacha-Martinez

  • Humanistic Management Center
  • Humanistic Management Network
  • Management Innovation Exchange
  • Society of Organizational Learning
  • RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce)

Teaching topics
  • Humanistic Management
  • Authentic Leadership Development
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Organizational Learning

Carlos Largacha-Martinez is able to teach in following Languages
Spanish, English

Main Research Interests
  • Complexity and management
  • Emergence of top management's mental models (mindsets)
  • Humanistic leadership
  • Quantic humanism applied to the social sciences
  • Humanistic management

Carlos Largacha-Martinez in 50 Words

I love quantum mechanics, although I am not sure that I understand it. I have been applying quantum conundrums to social life, humanism, diversity, development and management. The Humanistic Management Network is my new 'maloka' (indigenous place for thinking and sharing). I love my country Colombia, its music, folklor, food, mountains and 'calor humano' (human warmth).and I am trying to make a change. Romanticism (Latinamerican version) and music/dance are my passions and I try to fill my life with energy, authenticity and joyfulness.

Available for Travel
Carlos Largacha-Martinez is available for travel



Book Chapter:
Alterity, Otherness and Humanistic Management in Latin America, in World Humanism Palgrave McMillan (2013) Ed.: Shiban Khan

Working Paper:
Non-accumulative capitalism: social incentives as the ultimate end, MIX, McKinsey & Harvard Business Review (2012)

Book Chapter:
Alternative Frameworks for Sustainable Workplace, in Filling the Credibility Gap, Nova Publishers (2012) Eds. Algis Mickunas

Quantum Humanism Organisations et Territoires University of Quebec (Chicoutimi), Volume 20, n° 2-3 (2011)

Conference Paper:
Humanistic Management and Colombia , Case Study: Views SAS, CLADEA Conference Puerto Rico (2011)

Book Chapter:
What is your Calling? SEMCO's invitation to Participatory Management in Humanistic Management in Practice , Palgrave, McMillan (2010) Eds: Ernst von Kimakowitz,

Edited Book:
Aproximaciones a la Gerencia Humanista Universidad EAN (2010), Ed.: Carlos Largacha-Martínez

Book Chapter:
Gerencia Humanista y Sociología Cuántica, in Aproximaciones a la Gerencia Humanista Universidad EAN (2010)

Identidad y Memoria: la Construcción de Nación en América latina, Comunicación, Cultura y Política Vol.1 , No. 2, pp. 85-93 (2009)

Book Chapter:
Can quantum mechanics facilitate the humanities and the discourse on national identity? In Globalization and the Prospects for Critical Reflection Delhi, India: Aakar Books. (2008), Eds: Jung Choi & John W. Murphy.

Alteridad Holística y Desarrollo in 2° Encuentro Regional, Asociación Latinoamericana de Sistémica-ALAS, Ibagué, Colombia. (2007)

Book Chapter:
Identidad ambivalente, plurinación y etno- Economía in La filosofía en la era de la Globalización Eds: Alejandro Serrano et. al. Managua: HISPAMER (2007), pp. 77-92.

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Dr. Ernst von Kimakowitz

Dr. Ernst von Kimakowitz

Humanistic Management Center, Director
  • Teaching topics: The makings of humanistic management; Managing stakeholder relations and dialog; The evolution of development thinking
  • Able to teach in English, German, Spanglish
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Professor Dr. Claus Dierksmeier

Professor Dr. Claus Dierksmeier

Global Ethic Institute, University of Tübingen, Director
  • Teaching topics: CSR & CC - Philosophical Foundations; Business Ethics; Economic Ethics; Globalization Ethics
  • Able to teach in English, German
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Professor Dr. Wolfgang Amann

Professor Dr. Wolfgang Amann

HEC Paris, Qatar
  • Teaching topics: Sound strategy, governance, and leadership; Complexity management; Modern humanistic and sustainable management
  • Able to teach in English, German, French
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Professor Dr. Carlos Largacha-Martinez

Professor Dr. Carlos Largacha-Martinez

Humanistic Management Center Representative, Bogotá, Colombia
  • Teaching topics: Humanistic Management; Authentic Leadership Development; Strategic Thinking
  • Able to teach in Spanish, English
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Dr. Ulla Heinonen

Dr. Ulla Heinonen

Sued Management, CEO
  • Teaching topics: Building trust and the sense of community in organizations, Leading in modern organizations
  • Able to teach in English and Finnish
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Dr. Raban Daniel Fuhrmann

Dr. Raban Daniel Fuhrmann

R+D Cluster Procedere, Speaker
  • Teaching topics: Multi-Stakeholder Governance; Organizational Development; Intercultural Knowledge Transfer
  • Able to teach in English, German, Spanish
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